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  • Intumescent

    • Frank's Sandblasting & Painting has been approved by; International, Carboline and Albi, to offer both commercial and industrial intumescent fire protection coating. 

    • Intumescent mastic coatings are fire retardants designed for both interior and exterior application to structural steel, concrete, and other construction materials.

    • The function of fire retardant coatings is to protect the surfaces, being applied to, from failure in the event of a fire.

  • Cementitious:

    • Frank’s Sandblasting & Painting has been approved by; International, WR Grace and Geoplymer Solutions to offer both commercial and industrial cementitious fire protecting coating.

    • Cementitious fireproofing products are pumped like concrete in a slurry with air added at the nozzle to convey it onto the steel

    • Cementitious products provide long-term durability, high bond strength, excellent air erosion and overall superior performance.

  • Field Fireproofing

    • Frank's offers fireproofing to off-site locations​

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